Manta ray experience Kona

Customised trip planning

The process

Step 1: Schedule a complimentary travel experience discussion

Schedule a complimentary travel experience discussion with me TODAY

Sessions are held over the phone & generally run for 10-15 minutes. You’ll learn about our:

1) TravelBroker discount travel service (big savings)
2) VIP Full-service option
3) How to choose the service option right for you

Step 2: Pay a service engagement deposit to have your holiday experience customised to your exact requirements. You’ll receive a beautifully illustrated document outlining your itinerary via email, App or both.

Step 3: Make itinerary adjustments and/or give the go-ahead to proceed. Receive written confirmation of booked arrangements.

Step 4: Make payments as outlined within the confirmation.

Step 5: Pack your bags and prepare to get excited 🙂