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Africa, with its diverse landscapes, rich cultures, and unique wildlife, has always been a captivating destination for travellers seeking adventure and discovery. Bench Africa is the travel specialist you want to curate your unforgettable journeys across Africa. With a legacy spanning several decades, Bench Africa has earned a reputation for its commitment to excellence, personalised service, and a deep understanding of the diverse offerings the continent has.

Bench Africa’s Background

Bench Africa’s Background

Founded in 1969, Bench Africa has evolved into a premier travel specialist dedicated to crafting bespoke experiences for those eager to explore the wonders of Africa. The company’s roots trace back to a passion for the continent and a desire to share its beauty with the world. Over the years, Bench Africa has established itself as a reliable partner for travellers seeking not just a vacation but a transformative and immersive adventure.

Tailored Travel Experiences

Bench Africa distinguishes itself by offering tailor-made travel experiences that cater to each traveller’s unique interests and preferences. Unlike generic tour packages, the company prides itself on its ability to create personalised itineraries that align with the diverse expectations of its clientele. Whether it’s a wildlife safari, a cultural exploration, or a relaxing beach getaway, Bench Africa ensures that every journey reflects the individuality of the traveller.

Safari Adventures

Safari Adventures

One of the highlights of Bench Africa’s offerings is its safari adventures. The company has an extensive network of experienced guides and partners across Africa, allowing them to design safaris that showcase the best of the continent’s wildlife. From the iconic Serengeti in Tanzania to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Bench Africa’s safari experiences provide an up-close encounter with Africa’s majestic creatures in their natural habitats.

Cultural Immersion

For those seeking a deeper connection with the diverse cultures of Africa, Bench Africa designs itineraries that immerse travellers in local traditions, art, and history. Whether it’s exploring the ancient pyramids of Egypt, experiencing the vibrant Maasai culture in Kenya, or discovering the rich heritage of Morocco, Bench Africa ensures that travellers gain insights into the heart and soul of each destination.

Relaxing Escapes

Recognising that Africa offers more than just adventure, Bench Africa also curates relaxing escapes for those seeking tranquillity and luxury. From the pristine beaches of Zanzibar to the exclusive lodges nestled in the South African Winelands, the company caters to travellers looking for a more leisurely and rejuvenating experience.

Commitment to Sustainability

As responsible tourism gains prominence, Bench Africa has taken steps to ensure that its operations align with sustainable practices. The company is committed to minimising its environmental impact, supporting local communities, and promoting wildlife conservation. By partnering with eco-friendly lodges, engaging in community development projects, and advocating for responsible travel behaviour, Bench Africa aims to give back to the regions it explores.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations

Bench Africa works with accommodations that prioritise sustainability, often incorporating eco-friendly practices such as solar power usage, water conservation initiatives, and waste reduction programs. Travellers can enjoy their stay while knowing that they are contributing to the preservation of Africa’s natural beauty.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

In addition to preserving the environment, Bench Africa actively engages with local communities to ensure that tourism benefits the people who call these destinations home. The company supports community-led initiatives, such as education programs, healthcare initiatives, and small business development. This fosters a symbiotic relationship between travellers and the communities they visit.

Wildlife Conservation

Bench Africa understands the importance of wildlife conservation in preserving Africa’s unique biodiversity. The company collaborates with conservation organisations and contributes to initiatives aimed at protecting endangered species and their habitats. By promoting responsible wildlife viewing practices, Bench Africa ensures that travellers can enjoy encounters with Africa’s wildlife without compromising the well-being of the animals.

Unparalleled Expertise

What sets Bench Africa apart is its team of dedicated travel specialists who possess unparalleled expertise in the diverse landscapes and cultures of Africa. Their specialists have firsthand knowledge of the destinations, allowing them to provide valuable insights and recommendations to clients. Whether it’s selecting the best safari routes, advising on cultural etiquette, or suggesting hidden gems off the beaten path, Bench Africa’s experts ensure that every aspect of the journey is meticulously planned.

Destination Knowledge

Destination Knowledge

Bench Africa’s travel specialists undergo extensive training and regularly update their knowledge to stay informed about the latest developments in the regions they cover. This deep understanding of each destination enables them to create seamless and immersive experiences, ensuring that travellers make the most of their time in Africa.

Customisation Skills

Crafting personalised itineraries requires a keen understanding of the diverse preferences of travellers. Bench Africa’s travel specialists excel in customization, tailoring each journey to align with the client’s interests, budget, and timeframe. Whether it’s a family vacation, a honeymoon, or a solo adventure, Bench Africa ensures that the itinerary reflects the unique desires of the traveller.

24/7 Support

Travelling in Africa may present unforeseen challenges, and Bench Africa recognises the importance of providing continuous support to its clients. The company offers assistance 24/7, ensuring that travellers have access to assistance and guidance at any point during their journey. This commitment to customer support contributes to a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience.

Customer Testimonials

The success of Bench Africa is evident in the numerous positive testimonials from satisfied clients. Travellers often praise the company for its attention to detail, seamless execution of itineraries, and genuine passion of its travel specialists. These testimonials serve as a testament to Bench Africa’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations and creating lifelong memories for those who choose to explore Africa with them.

External Challenges

External challenges, such as political instability in certain regions, natural disasters, or global health crises, can impact travel plans. Bench Africa’s ability to navigate these challenges and provide flexible solutions for clients is crucial to maintaining its reputation as a reliable travel specialist.

As travel trends evolve, Bench Africa has the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by identifying emerging preferences among travellers. This could include the growing interest in sustainable and eco-friendly travel, unique cultural experiences, or exclusive and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

  1. Cape Town, Kruger & Victoria Falls: Experience the key highlights of Southern Africa on this popular journey. Visit Cape Town, the ‘Mother City’, and continue with a ‘Big Five’ game viewing experience in the Greater Kruger National Park before concluding with a visit to ‘the smoke that thunders’, Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This affordable 12-day safari offers the top three bucket-list destinations in Southern Africa.
  1. Highlights of East Africa: One of Bench Africa’s best-selling safari tours is the Highlights of East Africa tour, and for good reason. As the name suggests, you will experience the highlights of East Africa on this all-encompassing small-group adventure to Kenya and Tanzania by road.
  1. Ladies Only ‘Explore Kenya’: The expert team at Bench Africa has curated an exclusive small group tour with women in mind—an immersive 10-day safari escape incorporating wildlife, culture, and adventure and welcoming women of all ages. What’s more, there’s no single supplement for anyone travelling solo!
  1. Out of Africa Air Safari: This exclusive tour offers you the opportunity to witness large herds of red elephants while in Tsavo East and spectacular scenery and rolling volcanic landscape in Tsavo West. Not to mention awesome views of Mount Kilimanjaro from your bed at Elerai Camp in Amboseli National Park and a stay at the luxurious and eco-friendly Karen Blixen Camp, experiencing the world-famous Masai Mara with its amazing wildlife and seasonal migration. All this while being transported in an executive-configured Cessna Grand Caravan with just eight luxurious soft leather reclining seats, allowing you to travel in style and comfort.

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