Flying To Europe From Australia: The Ultimate Journey

Will it be Paris, London, Rome, Frankfurt, Athens, Barcelona, Vienna, Zurich, Madrid, or another city in Europe?

Of all the destinations at WorldLee Journeys, Europe has been by far the most popular booking post-Covid for travel in 2023. Looking back, those with the confidence to book early got the first worms in terms of prices that were higher than pre-Covid but much less than booking a flight from Europe to Australia in 2023 now.

High demand combined with increased fuel costs and airlines not yet back to pre-covid flight frequency are the reasons for current flight costs. In these conditions, airlines have no need to discount and are, in fact, doing everything they can to recoup 2 years of lockdown losses.

Book A Flight From Europe To Australia

If you owned a business in this situation, I’m sure most reading this would likely do the same out of financial necessity, if nothing else. While what you’ve read so far might seem a little gloomy, booking a flight from Europe to Australia in 2023 is possible. Here is what you can do to lower the cost of a flight to Europe:

  1. Book a package tour. Escorted Tour and River Cruise operators have spaces to fill on their tours. They have buying power, and some are also offering airfare rebates to fill their tours. If you can be flexible with dates and are willing to travel in the second half of 2023, WorldLee Journeys knows where to look to find good value for you along with our $250 discount offer for bookings over $10000, excluding non-commissionable items such as taxes, fees, and some airfares. Sit back and let someone else worry about the travel logistics. Choose a group size varying from 2-50 and everything in between.
  2. Check how many frequent flyer points you and your partner have. Again, flexibility with dates is required, but you may have enough points for 1 ticket one-way or return. My partner and I recently did this ourselves. We used points for 2 business class tickets one-way and then purchased 2 one-way tickets home. This almost halved the cost otherwise. Tip: If there aren’t enough points in one account, look into a pooling or transferring points to one person’s account to make redemption with points possible.
  3. Flights to Europe are currently at their lowest in late October and November. If 1 and 2 above don’t fit your plans, this time will be the most affordable.
  4. If all else fails with flying to Europe from Australia in 2023, all is not lost. I recommend one of two things:

Contact WorldLee Journeys to discuss more affordable destinations for 2023. Bucket list destinations like Japan and Egypt have not long opened to tourists. Making bookings to destinations like these hasn’t been possible until just recently. As we saw in Europe, early birds always get the first worms. Don’t waste another year; re-order your bucket list trips instead.

Air travel from Australia to Europe is forecast to stabilize in 2024 due to airlines being back to normal flight frequency. Register your interest in 2024 travel to Europe with WorldLee Journeys . Some 2024 travel packages are almost ready for release. Get ahead of the rest so we can inform you as soon as Early Bird deals for 2024 are released.

Got a trip on your mind? Stockholm, Copenhagen, Venice, Berlin, Prague, Istanbul – they are all waiting for you to ticket them off your travel bucket list.

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