9 Benefits of Small Group Touring

Small Group Touring has many benefits compared to large group tours or traveling alone. Here are 9 benefits of Small Group Touring:

Benefits of Small Group Touring

  1. Personalized experience: Small group touring offers a more personalized experience for travelers. With fewer people in the group, it is easier for the tour guide to provide individual attention and tailor the experience to the group’s interests and needs.
  2. Flexibility: Small group touring is more flexible and can accommodate last-minute changes in plans or itineraries. The tour guide can also be more responsive to the group’s preferences making changes to the itinerary if desired.
  3. Cultural immersion: Small group touring can provide a more immersive cultural experience as you can interact with locals and experience their way of life more intimately.
  4. Safety: Travelling in a small group can provide a sense of safety and security, especially in unfamiliar or remote areas.
  5. Expert guidance: Small group tours are led by experienced guides who can provide insider knowledge and local insights. They know places and experiences you would have missed as you never would have known they existed otherwise.
  6. Reduced environmental impact: Small group touring has a smaller environmental impact than larger group tours. With fewer people, there is less waste, less noise, and less disruption to the environment.
  7. Relax! Letting someone else take care of everything has to be the ultimate bonus. You get to sit back and take it all in without worrying about any of the logistics.

Walter Delorie from Bunnik

I was recently chatting to Small Group Touring expert, Walter Delorie from Bunnik Tours. Bunnik is an Australian-owned and operated family business specializing in Small Group Touring for 29 years.

When asked what past passengers love most about traveling on a Bunnik tour Walter said it was the benefits of small group travel such as less time waiting in lines which means more time to explore.

Bunnik combines this with more space on the couch, unique itineraries, character accommodation, boutique dining, and no hidden extras such as tipping.

Overall, small group tours offer a more personalized, flexible, and immersive travel experience and can be a great option for travelers who want to get off the beaten path and have a more authentic travel experience.

Walter will be representing Bunnik Tours at WorldLee Journey’s forthcoming Return to Travel Expo at Breakers Country Club Wamberal 10.30 am -1.30 pm on Sunday, 02 April, 20203

To find out more about Small Group Touring, come and have a chat with Walter to see what’s possible for 2023 &2024.

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